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Registration is now closed! Onsite registration is available only for Track&Field. Girls Volleyball and Boys Football may have space for one team, if interested, email us at msd@icnanj.org.
Welcome to Muslim Sports Day by ICNA-NJ

ICNA-NJ is committed to creating a healthy environment for youth and families that is conducive to their all-round physical, moral and intellectual development. 

Event Venue
Crossroad Middle Schools
195 Major Road,
Monmouth Jct, NJ 08852
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Everyone is expected to create an Islamic environment and should lead by example promoting the value of fair play and sportsmanship to all participants.

Proper Islamic manners and etiquette must be observed at all times, especially respect for fellow athletes, organizers, officials, elders and volunteers.

Foul language will result in an automatic technical foul; foul language for a second time will result in a rejection and technical foul.

Fights will result in an automatic disqualification and forfeit of the offending team.

Islamic Dress codes are expected – if you can pray in it, you can play in it! Sports Uniforms are  recommended. 

Salaah (prayer) times will be observed on Schedule.

Age is calculated based on age as of January 1st. Athletes must have document to verify age.

Teams are prohibited from trading players.

ICNA is not responsible for conflict of events where teams and athletes have selected multiple events.  This is the sole responsibility of the team/athletes and their manager or coach.

Scoring would be conducted by official scorers or persons designated by ICNA.

Teams are encouraged to select names that are positive, progressive and non-confrontational. Names that are offensive and confrontational will be disqualified.

Athletes and spectators agree that their images and liking would be used for promotional purposes.

All decisions by Officials, Event Organizers and ICNA are final. Arguing with an official, event coordinator or Management may result in a disqualification.  Videos cannot be used as evidence towards a case.  Appeals can be sent to ICNA-NJ.
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